The Drama

by Timon Marmex

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released June 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Timon Marmex Los Angeles, California

Timon Marmex never fully recovered from the fall of Atari back in the 80's.

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Track Name: The Drama
I think somebody likes you you don't fall in love
(but) when somebody bites you excites the stars above
('cause) What you need is the Drama
('cause) it's that the pain that makes you feel good
and when you're causing the Trauma
(I don't think) you're feeling like you should
like some kind of masquerade the fear becomes you
such a refined serenade no tears succumb
a fight's begun... cause you
('cause) What you need is the Drama
('cause) it's that the pain that makes you feel good
and when you're causing the Trauma
(I don't think) you're feeling like you should
back when I first met you I thought "she's such a tease"
later I'd regret to learn of your expertise
(it's in) creating the Drama
it's that you thrive on the darkest night
you love inflicting the Trauma
I can't tell if you're in love or spite
emotional mastermind
you couldn't stay true
it's pretty darned asinine
but you don't care you haven't got a clue
('cause) What you need is the Drama
('cause) it's that the pain that makes you feel good
and when you're causing the Trauma
(I don't think) you're feeling like you should
I should have never let you have your way with me
It's not that I don't get you I caught "drama" disease!
(Now) what I miss is the Drama
I need the pain that makes me feel good
and when I live with the Trauma
(I don't think) I'm feeling like I should
(you love) creating the Drama
it's that you thrive on the darkest night
you love inflicting the Trauma
I can't tell if you're in love or spite
('cause) What you need is the Drama, the Drama, the Drama….
Track Name: Bitter Friend
What could I say toThose rolling black-outs that you - call your friends?
"Why'd you take away my all e-mo-tions and my - hopes and dreams?"
Everybody thinks that I'm a loner, 'cause I'm - all - a-lone.
But youKnow I miss the so-cial contact like you've - never known.

 (To) some people I'm harsh, I think they need to atone
 I've cut some people loose because they stepped on my soul
 I don't take things light and I don't let hate grow old
Your Bitter Friend

I could feel so outgroup - clique-ish like this is high-school again.
Never answer phone calls or return them; Hey! weren't you my friend?
I guess it's a present and a lesson it's high time I've learned.
save all my attention and my respect for those - who have earned

 Some might think I'm angry when I cut all my ties
 to the ones who used me and the ones I despise
 but I gave several tries and I don't respect their lies
Your Bitter Friend

 Hatred is a habit I wish I could abstain
 missing all my friends, why do I feel so ashamed?
 You were once my friend, a person I could adore
 but now you hang out with those people - that I abhor
 I can't make it right... I can't take it anymore
Your Bitter Friend

 This happens - so many times
 Maybe you'd think that - I'd get wise
 Maybe it's that I need to - learn more tact
 Maybe it's need - better frends to attract

Not Bitter Friends - My Bitter Friend - Your Bitter Friend
Track Name: Dis
Distruction - Disfunction -
At this junction, I'll tell you what's on my mind
This human - Is fumin'
I don't see - how you could be so unkind
I feel so - Distracted
I can't deal - with this inanity
I work hard, draw bad cards
Say bad words, Now you are dissin' me
Shoulda seen it then, but I'm sure I see it now - Spoiled Child!
Kick 'em when their down, now that's where I draw the line!
I'm on trial?
Infraction - distraction
inaction, I can't see what's getting done.
I've explained - my complaint
I still wait - but you haven't even begun!
I don't take - this lightly
you don't care - you don't take it serious
I thunder - I wonder
(if) this blunder - will cause us a bigger mess?
Maybe you should try out practicing what you preach - alpha male
Lessons never learned if we don't take time to teach - time in jail!
 Tell us to file our reports - Tell us to call again later
 tell us with your stupid retorts - tells us like a dictator
 you can tell us not to yell - you can tell us to go to hell
distrusted - disgusted
disaffected - I can't say I'm so surprised
this outrage - is offstage
in this age - no cash means you've got no ties
I won't sink - to your height
I won't fight - and I won't play by your rules
Disrupted - distorted
Distasteful - now I know to ignore fools
No justice means no rules will apply to me - now I see!
I can break the rules cause there is no consequence - no offense!
Deception - dissension
Distinction - of all these modern times
Track Name: Better Friend
shit on my friends / and all those people / that I detest.
I could have been a better friend for you / now crawl into bed.
I fear my sins / yeah, I’m TV / what I’m talking about?
Now, I confront my demons / I have reasons-to let them out.
(I) Coulda / shoulda / woulda made some time for you /
what I wanted to see.
But I never could believe in you and me / confidence retreats.
I fear my friends will all leave me / I beg them “don’t go!”
Please stay here and distract me from the urges /
you’ll never know.
If I hold on to hard / I fear / that I might creep you out.
My very fear of loneliness / is what’s been pushing them out.
Oh,I never tried to have my way with you-despite what you think.
I just wanted you to keep me company/don’t raise such a stink.
(So) hold me / feel me / touch me / you’re my crutch /
I need you tonight.
Understand / it’s nothing personal / it’s not love /
and it’s not right.
(Oh,) fix me, lick me, suck me / maybe fuck /
me, I just don’t know.
I’ll pretend that you’re somebody else / a good friend /
someone you know.
(Oh,) I could have been a better friend for you /
it’s worse than it seems.
I’ve been in love / with someone just like you /
She had no love for me.
I’ve got my reasons / seasons past / my fear / and I’m in retreat.
I could have been a better friend / my darling /
someone you need.
I’m such a weakling / bed is squeeking / prophecy’s come true.
I couldn’t enjoy anything / my thoughts were never with you.
Track Name: No
I don’t need to – be reminded – every day’s a day I’m without you
You could not feel the same as me
Every time I close my eyes – remembering so many tries to do
To make you want me close you see
I couldn’t break you down – No
I couldn’t turn you round – No
You’d not open that heart to me
Every time I make mistakes – of social kinds –
my body breaks in two
I suck and I don’t wonder why
Every little thing I’ve done – excruciating pain I’ve won it’s true
I guess I’m just that kind of guy
I couldn’t let you know – No
Then I couldn’t let you go – No
So close but you’re so far away
That day was so much fun – pretended that I had you won –
but you
You did not see it quite that way
Gave you lots of pretty things but this here is the part
that really stings
Remind me your heart is not in play
I didn’t want to know – No
I don’t want you to go – No
How could I to convince you to stay?
I don’t know what to do – we’re friends, so I could
keep on seeing you
But you don’t see me the same way
We’re not getting any younger – hear the sky and
feel the thunder oh
I waste my life chasing today
Do I try another day? – No
Will you ever feel that way? – No
The future seems cloudy and grey
If I must be just friends with you
Track Name: Don't Wanna (Be Free)
couldn't- keep you on the ground if I wanted to
If I could, I'd let you fly away with me
What kind of- bird-brained scheme have I been hatching?
What kind of cage is it I want to see?
I don't wanna
I don't wanna plea
no, I don't wanna
I don't wanna be free
please help me
You couldn't- make up your mind with a powder brush
eye shadow- every little move you make
my lipstick on to the printout of your photograph
painted nails- affixing me to this cross
I don't wanna
I don't wanna repeat
I so don't wanna
I don't wanna be free
god help me
** I couldn't refund all this time, no
** You make me feel so sublime, so
** i don't need a crystal ball to see
** a future without you and me
but I don't wanna
I don't wanna be free
I don't wanna...
I want you here with me
I've got a ticket here to ride on the lonely bus
My baggage and me are neatly on our way
I never could drive you to believe in the two of us
This journey, I guess that it's just one way
I don't wanna
I don't wanna leave
no, I don't wanna
I don't wanna be free
come with me
stay with me
that's me
the king of idiocy
Track Name: If
If I could speak candidly for a moment –
if I could talk, sans ridicule or shame
could I count - on you to listen –
then make your own decision
or would that mean - I'd be the one to blame
The other side - is not the world's great evil
just because - their methods disagree
they're trying to - change the world for the better
even you - should respect that at least
If I might talk - a minute about motive (what would you think)
If I might suggest - that there is no crime
do you need - a conspiracy - to validate - your belief
in your side - and in your country's shame?
You've picked a side - it colors your perception
us versus them - is that the way to think?
or understand - what either side's believing?
are you thinking - independently?
If I might talk - a minute about options (would you hate me)
If I might suggest - that neither side is right
If their quest - for the election - They'd say anything to win
maybe we - should reconsider that?
You might wonder - what it is I'm after
I don't need - to change your point of view
I just want - to end your smugness -
you're not SO RIGHT - that view is pointless
There is no debate - if there is no doubt
If I could be in your shoes for an hour –
If I could be in your shoes for a day
maybe I could make a difference –
then I could sort out which is
really right - from what is not so tame
If I... If I... If I... If ...
Track Name: I Wonder (If You Know)
When I tried with all my might, I failed you
I can never do just what you want me to do
Make me feel so wrong, you know you've done it before
Always threatening to open up the door

To the others I must remain silent
And so my thoughts turn inward to self-violence
Know I must be strong, I know I've done it before
But I think this time I'm headed out the door

I wonder if you know
I wonder if you've felt how you make me feel
I wonder if you've felt how I feel about you

When I wake in the morning, heart pounding
My resolve is gone and my will floundering
I know it won't be long, I face it without remorse
Only so much time before I'm out the door

For the wound you cause there's no ointment
Therapy requires to have an appointment
If they won't call back, you know I have no recourse
Question: will I jump, or will I have to be pushed

I wonder if you know
I wonder if you've felt how you make me feel
I wonder if you've felt how I feel about you


I guess now it's over, I'm fired
In my brain it won't stop, I am so tired.
I wake up every day, and then I scream myself hoarse.
My marriage to work now feels like divorce.

Slowly I find calm in the calamity.
Understand my job is not the measure of me.
Always felt so wrong, because it never was right.
Opened up my eyes, and now I see the light.
Track Name: Frankenstein and the Aliens
Frankenstein and the Aliens
Lay around and they watch TV
Tend to dwell on the glory days
Never got rich off the silver screen

They decay quietly off Mulholland drive
Nobody knows or cares if they're still alive

Frankenstein and the Aliens
The Wolfman calling the Mummy's bluff
Play poker with residuals
At Dracula's house on Thursday nights

Never took over the world but they're still around
Slowly passed out of sight without a sound

 This wasn’t a sad life… It’s just another job, now
 It wasn’t a bad life… but expectations will not allow
 Dog, kids and the old wife… to fulfill dreams of stardom
 Say it wasn’t so nice, oh now I beg your pardon

Frankenstein and the Aliens
Talking about the comeback trail
Nobody knows what they're on about
Might as well face it they're doomed to fail

Sit back and wonder where everything went wrong
Just can't seem to admit that their time's long gone

Carl's changing up pronouns
Morty's wasting away on pills
Oscar's stuck in the bottle
Donnie struggles to make the bills

Hollywood's lights have faded away somehow
Just can't seem to live in the here and now
Track Name: Burned
ere in my dream - I'm in your kitchen
in the frying pan - cookin' for you
In the same scene - You're still good lookin'
I'm in the fire now - I'm burning for you
Take off your apron - take off my chicken skin
it's not the first time that - you burn me, you burn me
Slide your knife in - and twist it round again
You do it every time - you hurt me, you hurt me
Burned – Burned - Burned
Burn me again
Burned - You Burned - We burned
we burn again

Here in my dream - I am your chicken
you keep choking me - until we go blind
You've been so mean - you're my religion
just call me boneless - because I've got no spine
pretend we're nothing - pretend you're innocent
it's all crossed signals when - you push me, you pull me
then you correct me - like I don't understand
I'm not confused even though - I should be, I should be
Burned – Burned - Burned
Burned me again
Burned – Burned - Burned
I'm burned again

Your Vampire - invite me in
too much at stake - I'm burned again
My umpire - you call me out
You're on strike - I'm home again
Burned – Burned - Burned
Burn me Again
Burned – Burned - Burned
I'm burned again
Track Name: Fuck Reality
If I know what it feels like
then it's the wrong emotion
oh, I could fill what life with you
and then I've more retreating due

I don't know how to deal with your
lack of devotion
I couldn't sever ties with you
but I could break off my pursuit
There's still a war on my T.V.
as I fuss with my eyeliner and live in my dreams
I'd say: If you could be a girl for you
I'd be a girl for me
And we could fuck reality

The machine that I helped build
It's all I ever shared with you
A shattered glass - a flag unfurled
Three flights from my broken taboo
not back to you

The radio selling tragedies
build my illusion
and for a second seems
like I could forget what was me
I guess I couldn't bear to choose the
lesser of the evils
I put on my lipstick
and I am trying to forget

There is still army out in the street
as I head for the door, I grab my purse and my keys
I might not have just what they need
But I'll give them what they want
So they can fuck reality

It's not a game anymore
It's just the food in the cupboard
That's not my name anymore
It's just some food for the fire
('cause ) I'm not so sure.

I didn't have to live this way
I could have lied and had it all
But I wanted you to stay
And then I wanted you to fall.
I suppose that we all make mistakes
but there are no excuses
I've made my beds to lie in
and you aren't in them with me

A soldier doesn't wait by the door
no no I do not have a gun pointed at my head
But if I though for a moment
I could take the place of you
I’d have to
Fuck Reality
Track Name: If I File My Report
If I file – my report
Will you need me for anything, anymore?
With your records being so informed,
Will I regret having been the one who warned?
 Would it pay for me to have lied to you?
 Should I lie, or can you handle the truth?
 Or is it no use?
If I file - my report
Will there be – any reason for us – to exist?
Or - will - I – find my-self at war?
Or – at the bottom of your hate list?
 I’m proud of my work, does it have no use?
 If I file, will you accept the proof?
 And change your views?
I don’t work for you…
‘Cause you don’t work for us!
You only serve yourself…
And that doesn’t work for me
You see…
If I file my report
Will you call out your councilors and call out the court?
Can you afford to al-lo-cate the funds?
I think - I know how to answer – that one!
 Delusions unfed, will you fall apart?
 If I place this piece, do I have no heart?
 Where do I start?
Can you keep your word?
Or should I keep my words?
Should I keep them to myself?
Or should I file
my - report?
Track Name: Didn't Notice (Not a Sound)
I didn't notice.
I didn't know.
I wouldn't be here
if you didn't show
a certain interest
here with me
I didn't come from what you wanted to see.

Not a sound
in the nightclub.
Not a sound
I will not be that dumb
Not a sound
on the telephone.
Not a sound
I'm not the one you own.

I'm the one one who never went outside
I'm the one with too much swollen pride
I'm the one who never saw your face
I'm the one who hates the human race

I didn't notice.
I didn't know.
I wouldn't be here
if you didn't show
a certain interest
here with me
I didn't come from what you wanted to see.

Not a sound
In the bathroom
Not a sound
I will not come too soon
Not a sound
whatever this is
I'm not the one
receiving your kisses

I'm the one who wasted all his youth
I'm the one who always tells the truth
I'm the one who never made a fist
I'm the one who never got a kiss

Not a sound
not a sound
not a sound
not a sound
not a sound
not a sound
not a sound
not a sound
not a sound....