Bitter Friend (Rhythm Core Alpha 2 chiptune version)

by Timon Marmex

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This is a chiptune version of my song "Bitter Friend" performed using my software "Rhythm Core Alpha 2" running entirely on the Nintendo DSi. (It also can run on the Nintendo 3DS.) Find it in the eShop!


What could I say toThose rolling black-outs that you - call your friends?
"Why'd you take away my all e-mo-tions and my - hopes and dreams?"
Everybody thinks that I'm a loner, 'cause I'm - all - a-lone.
But youKnow I miss the so-cial contact like you've - never known.

 (To) some people I'm harsh, I think they need to atone
 I've cut some people loose because they stepped on my soul
 I don't take things light and I don't let hate grow old
Your Bitter Friend

I could feel so outgroup - clique-ish like this is high-school again.
Never answer phone calls or return them; Hey! weren't you my friend?
I guess it's a present and a lesson it's high time I've learned.
save all my attention and my respect for those - who have earned

 Some might think I'm angry when I cut all my ties
 to the ones who used me and the ones I despise
 but I gave several tries and I don't respect their lies
Your Bitter Friend

 Hatred is a habit I wish I could abstain
 missing all my friends, why do I feel so ashamed?
 You were once my friend, a person I could adore
 but now you hang out with those people - that I abhor
 I can't make it right... I can't take it anymore
Your Bitter Friend

 This happens - so many times
 Maybe you'd think that - I'd get wise
 Maybe it's that I need to - learn more tact
 Maybe it's need - better frends to attract

Not Bitter Friends - My Bitter Friend - Your Bitter Friend


released April 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Timon Marmex Los Angeles, California

Timon Marmex never fully recovered from the fall of Atari back in the 80's.

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